Apostolic By-Laws


Why spend months and even years trying to formulate your church by-laws? With Apostolic By-Laws you will have your solution in days and will be biblically-based.

Apostolic By-Laws are the best governance basis for your ministry...

  • Provides Biblically based By-Laws designed according to New Testament principles. 
  • Is a fundamentally strong and Biblically accurate.
  • Are written by a pastor in favor of the local pastor to effectively lead the local church.
  • Assure the success of your ministry by having sound, biblically-based, New Testament by-laws. 
  • Provides potential protections from government interference and possible law suits concerning the Biblical definition of marriage
  • Provides straight answers with 21 articles of governance and 42 pages of print in final form. 

Apostolic By-Laws are different from "Corporate By-Laws"...

  • Are written in the concept of a Theocracy and not a Democracy.
  • Give headship and final authority of approving decisions for the local church to the Senior Overseer (Pastor).
  • Help eliminate hostile attempts of takeovers from boards, committees or spurious groups.
  • Provide accountability for the Senior Overseer (Pastor) to an outside group selected by him/her.
  • Help avoid potential conflicts and uprisings within the local church.
  • Is written by a Senior Overseer for the benefit of the local pastor so that he or she can correctly govern the local church in New Testament manner.

Our goal is to provide sound Biblicaly based by-laws. We cannot provide legal advice. If you have any legal questions, you should consult your attorney just as we have done.

Apostolic By-Laws

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We believe that Apostolic By-Laws is the first of it's kind in providing Biblically based By-Laws designed according to New Testament Apostolic principles. Apostolic By-Laws are fundamentally strong and Biblically accurate. 

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