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Apostolic By-Laws
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What Our Customers Are Saying...

“When considering our purchase of the “Apostolic By-Laws” offered by Apostle Steve Deitz , we were initially reluctant.  After prayer and reflection, the Holy Spirit made it clear to me that we should proceed.  As are all actions prompted by God, this was a good one!  As a small church, we’re careful with what we spend.  After getting our copy of our new by-laws, it was clear that this wasn’t so much an “expense”, but an investment.  For us, it was “Stewardship 101”.  Thank you.”  Pastor Bob Kuehner, Life Christian Fellowship, Pelham, AL

"I am grateful for the excellent team work of Apostolic By-Laws.  This team is always ready to hear your concerns regarding your church or ministry.   I give due honor to Apostle Steven M. Deitz.  I wish to thank him for taking his valuable time creating Apostolic By-Laws, so the Body of Christ may function smoothly and properly for the sake of God's Kingdom.  I highly recommend Apostolic By-Laws to all who are called into ministry." Pastor Ruben Rodriquez, Rosalindale, MA

"I have never seen anything like this!" was the response of Bishop John Thompson of Ozark, Alabama.  Bishop Thompson has since recommended our by-laws to many of his friends and acquaintances.

John Thompson Ministries, Inc., Ozark, AL.  

 "The Ecclesiastical Government of the church or ministry is important. Things happen in today's time, such as divorce, or hostile takeovers within the church body. It all adds up to the same thing "division". Believe me division is very costly on all fronts, the monetary cost, the time and the heartache. I would say without any hesitations or reservations that these By-laws for such an affordable price; are more than just the cost. I look at my new By-Laws as a hedge of protection around my church, the body and myself. I do not look at these new By-Laws as a price of something we buy, but rather seed money planted for that harvest of Gods protection on good solid ground. Thank you again. Thanks to the staff that are all truly professionals in the Lord."

Revival of the Nations Ministries

Apostle Thomas Jones

Pearland, TX

"I would like to thank the author and entire staff of Apostolic By-Laws for their help. Your expertise and timing were very helpful to our ministry. I appreciate the knowledge which came directly from the Holy Bible that these by-laws are based upon.

I highly recommend your services to the entire body of Christ if there is anyone looking to revise their by-laws or purchase a new set for their ministry. When dealing with church business, there is nothing more authoritative than the Word of God.

Thank you all and God bless."

Pastor Tyrek Jennings
Faith Covenant Kingdom Ministries International, Inc.
Mt. Vernon, NY

Breath of fresh air to find a Apostolic gift to the body that has embraced the fullness of Apostolic order in this dispensation... Apostle Marc Richardson, Kingdom City International, Clinton, MD

 "As the Founder of Cliff Maynard Ministries International it is my privilege to recommend Apostolic By-laws to any ministry in need of Biblical Apostolic based structure.  I have been searching for years for a by-law structure that was based on the truth of God's Word and government, instead of mans unscriptural foundation.  We have implemented it in our Churches both here and abroad.  Thank you for saving me years of work and research!" 

Rev. Cliff A. Maynard
Founder of Cliff Maynard Ministries, International
Founder of Blue Thread Ministries, International
Regional Director for National Jewish Fellowship, Southeastern United States.

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Apostolic By-Laws

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About Us:

We believe that Apostolic By-Laws is the first of it's kind in providing Biblically based By-Laws designed according to New Testament Apostolic principles. Apostolic By-Laws are fundamentally strong and Biblically accurate. 

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